The Forgotten Five

Allies and Arenas in Camis

Nearfrost 10, 276 RE

Following their triumph over all foes subterranean and aquatic, the party ascended to the surface of Camis to bask in the glory of their victory and unload a prodigious amount of looted weaponry. While looking for a buyer for the various oversized armaments stripped from the corpses of the Aboleth’s ogre minions, Bjorn and Mathias visited the Arena in hopes that such a bastion to martial prowess would be more than willing to accept the unconventional gear. Their suspicions were correct, as the quartermaster of the Arena Cyrus Hammerhelm was more than willing to purchase the equipment. He offered a reduced price on the goods but bartered in a place in an Arena fight, thus circumventing the traditional lower tiers one must normally ascend in order to compete on such a lofty stage. Mathias and Bjorn readily agreed to his terms, knowing their companion Jensen would be ecstatic to compete.

Nearfrost 11, 276 RE

Jensen awoke early in the morning and set out into the city to acquire breakfast for his companions. Upon leaving The Restful Repose, he was met in the mist-shrouded streets by a cloaked figure who simply asked if he was Jensen Healey. As soon as Jensen said yes the mysterious figure attacked, pummeling Jensen with fists and kicks. Jensen fought back valiantly, forcing the attacker to back away after a few bouts. Apparently satisfied, the stranger revealed himself to be Tsao Kumo, emissary and servant of the Musabi clan and the person that Noriko told the party would be joining them during the final leg of their journey to the lands of the Ascomanni.

Jensen spent much of the day preparing himself for his debut in the Arena, going to so far as to commission a carpenter named Joseph to construct him an easily destructable facade of a Purple Worm so that he might make a dramatic entrance. Despite the encouragement of his companions, Jensen felt decidedly nervous about the upcoming fight: the Arena had a reputation of fierce and deadly competition. Still, Armsman Healey boldly went forth to fight his opponent: Owyn Twinslice, an Arena regular of medium standing in the ranks.

Although it was swiftly apparent that Jensen was outmatched by the flashing dual blade technique of Owyn, Master Healey continued to fight on bravely. Even when he found his trusty halberd sundered by the assault, Jensen persevered. In the end, he was simply outmatched and our brave hero fell into bloody unconsciousness. His defeat was a disappointing one, particularly to his companions who had wagered a sum of 6,000 gold pieces on him.



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