The Forgotten Five

Invitations & Investigations in Camis

Nearfrost 7, 276 RE: While Vladimir continues his work on constructing magical items, Bjorn, Jensen, Mathias, and Ruota decided to explore Camis in greater detail. Before leaving, Mathias instructed his followers to go out as well in order to find additional rumors or news happening in Camis. The wizard-less companions traveled to District 1 to visit the Great Lodge of the Aesir, the headquarters of Bjorn’s faith. While there they met with Hrolfdain Odinson, disciple of Wotan and Chief Gothi of The Great Lodge. He extended a hearty greeting to the companions and invited them to participate in a large fest that was happening that very evening. The group readily agreed, particularly Mathias as he heard the skald Brethec would be in attendance. Mathias hopes that if he impresses Brethec enough that perhaps he could gain entrance to the Bardic College of Camis which is located in one of the hitherto forbidden Wards of the city.

After returning the Restful Repose, the party was met by Inspector Moffen and a group of town guardsmen. The Inspector explained that someone of authority had requested a meeting with the group and he was had been sent to collect them. After waiting for Vladimir to finish his daily toils on magical items, the group went with Moffen to District 4’s guardhouse. There they met Magistrate Lee, a person of some authority in Camis. He commended their efforts in the slaying of the purple worm the day before and extended a writ of credit to the party in the amount of 1,000 gold pieces. He also offered them an opportunity for additional employment: it seems the sewers beneath District 2 have been sealed for quite some time and the local government wishes to commission the group to determine the possible cause for the purple worm attack and also ascertain if any others should be expected. The group decided to discuss the matter further amongst themselves, stating they would let Inspector Lee know when they had reached a decision.

That evening the party decided to go to the Temple of Palain before attending the fest at the Great Lodge. The clergy of Palain were well-known for hosting fighting tournaments and Jensen wished to compete as he did back in Somesborough. Competition at the Temple had an additional benefit, as those who distinguished themselves there stood a good chance of being invited to compete in the Arena circuits. Jensen decided to fight in tandem with Ruota, feeling that the presence of a troll would add some welcome spectacle to the proceedings. They were paired against a duo of half-elf archers, the Dulos Brothers. Though the elven-blooded twins put up a good fight they were no match for Jensen and Ruota, who beat them soundly with a minimum of effort. After collecting their winnings from the Temple (as well as a small wager Bjorn and Mathias a surreptitiously placed on the side) the party left for the Askomanni fest at the Great Lodge of the Aesir.



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