The Forgotten Five

Commerce & Clitellates in Camis

Nearfrost 6, 276 RE: The party has set up operations in The Restful Repose, a high-class inn located in District 4 of the Free City of Camis. After some initial shopping in District 3 the party decides to travel to District 2, home of the Great Exchange. As they pass through District 1, the temple district, they come across an animated speaker by the name of Willex. Willex was railing against the perceived “injustices” of the God’s and their clergy, inviting people to give up worshiping them in order to bring about a new era of mortal development. Towards the end of his rant he began saying something about “the prophet Alu-“ but he was cut off by some local guardsmen and arrested for going over his allotted time. Mathias believes that Willex was going to say something about Aluman, the cryptic word given to the group by the Necromancer Versabian Pallast, and so is determined to find out just what Willex knows.

Continuing on to the Great Exchange, the party was struck by the wide variety of wares on display, though finding just what they were looking for proved difficult in the cramped and chaotic environment of the bazaar. Larceny proved to be a further hindrance as several pickpockets tried to make off with the party’s wealth: luckily for the group the keen senses of Mathias foiled any such attempts. Eventually the group found its way to a small tent that had been pointed out by many of the bazaar folk as being a likely place for those seeking rare and exotic items to go. Vladimir and Mathias entered and inside they encountered a wizened old man with exceptionally long and gnarled fingernails. He claimed to be able to answer questions they proposed and provide goods they desired, but he would not name his price. Rather, he requested Mathias and Vladimir to produce what they were willing to pay and he would answer accordingly.

Mathias went first, laying down several gold pieces and inquiring about the Prophet Aluman. The old man delivered some more cryptic information about Aluman, stating that he was in a place people are put when they are meant to be forgotten. Vladimir went next, requesting that the old man sell him a magic item and providing a sack of 1,000 gold for payment. The old man hefted the gold sack to test its weight and set it back upon the table. He reached into a sack of his own and produced a rock some three or four fists in size clutched between his gnarled fingernails. After handing it over to Vladimir, the old man left his tent leaving the sack of Vladimir’s gold behind. As Mathias inspected the sack of gold, he discovered that it was instead filled to the brim with all matter of insects and rodents. Dropping the bag in disgust, the party left the tent with some haste.

After leaving the tent, Vladimir attempted to find out more about the rock he purchased. He discovered that the item was giving off a faint conjuration aura but there were some irregularities about it. First the enchantments upon it seemed incredibly intricate, much more so than its relatively weak aura would suggest. Secondly the enchantments didn’t seem to correlate to the physical dimensions of the rock as if they were tied to another object within the piece. He resolved to investigate it more thoroughly at a later time.

The trip through the market was abruptly cut short when a cacophonous roar followed by panicked screams were heard. The party rushed to investigate and found a tremendous purple worm tearing up the bazaar. They engaged the beast and despite several of their number being swallowed whole they were able to slay the monster, Jensen himself delivering the killing blow from the within the bowels of the worm. After the incident, the party was taken by the town guard to be questioned by Inspector Moffen. After determining the group was not responsible for the appearance of the purple worm, the Inspector thanked the group for their efforts and let them go.

Returning to District 4, the party decided to let off some steam at the Wild Animal Tavern, located next to the Restful Repose. It was there that they discovered a group of five bards performing miserably. Mathias and Jensen mercilessly heckled the entourage till eventually they were booed off the stage. Mathias immediately launched into an epic performance of oratory and singing and quite easily entertained the audience for several hours. After leaving the inn, he found the terrible bards waiting for him outside. Expecting trouble, Mathias was surprised to learn that they actually wanted him to teach them how to be better performers. Mathias agreed, accepting the five bards as his followers.



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