The Forgotten Five

The Story So Far...

It has been five years since the band of adventurers known as The Forgotten Five where found on the doorstep of the wizard Fildren, stripped of both possessions and memory of how they came to be hear. All they had was the knowledge of their names and the dim recollection of past skills. They were a diverse lot to be sure:
Mathias Murdock a warrior bard whose appearance suggested both Ascomani and Elven bloodlines;
Jensen Healey whose skill at arms was matched only by his utter lack of social graces;
Vladimir, a mage of Visajj origin who possessed an insatiable thirst for knowledge and language;
... a warlock who also was of the Visajj, but marked by his striking red hair: a portentous sign amongst his people.
and Rumpleteeny, a seductive rogue whose charm and guile belied her swift reflexes and keen blade.

For five years these individuals lived under the care of Fildren in the village of Almsbury, honing their skills and dreaming of the day they could begin to unravel the mystery of their forgotten past. The abduction of young Bessie Tam, the daughter of the local blacksmith Bertram Tam, by goblins would provide the impetus for their journey of discovery. Trailing the goblins back to their lair carved from the subterranean ruins of a forgotten complex, the party slew the vile humanoids and their grotesque ogre master.

After returning Bessie Tam to Almsbury, the party decided to continue to explore the underground complex they had uncovered. There they encountered a variety of undead monstrosities and a multitude of sinister traps that spoke to the vile purpose of this facility. During this time, ... and Rumpleteeny decided to leave the group, traveling with Fildren to the floating island of Umbria, home of the University Arcaenum. The party was shortly joined by Bjorn Storson, an Ascomanni cleric devoted to the Thunder God Asator. Bolstered by the divine might of Bjorn, the adventurers continued their explorations of the underground chambers before finally encountering a massive steel door they could not open. The door was protected by a powerful Chojain mummy named Sho Kumash, but the heroes where able to overcome the undead menace due to the liberal application of fire magic supplied by Vladimir.

Bolstered by their success but still unable to open the imposing steel doors, the party decided to travel to the nearby town of Somesborough to spend some of their acquired treasure. While in Somesborough, Bjorn learned of a Chojain noble named Noriko who was seeking translators for a journey into the lands of the Ascomanni. Following various leads, the party was able to track Noriko to the house of Pasha Khan, a notorious slaver.
While the heroes where able to soundly defeat Pasha Khan’s guards, they were overwhelmed by a powerful gas that plunged them into unconsciousness.

Upon regaining their wits, the party found themselves still within the house of Pasha Khan. Curiously they were unharmed and all their possessions were intact. The house had been completely abandoned and the only thing remaining was a large sack that held the kidnapped Noriko and a mocking letter from Pasha Khan. According to the letter, this slaver apparently knew the party and referred to three of them by strange names: Feldrios, Armos, and Jellak. Frustratingly the note gave no indication who was whom, but it was clear that Pasha Khan held some sort of knowledge of their past. Unfortunately the note also informed the group that he had gone from Somesborough, intimating that “a change of scenery was in order.”

Having no other leads to pursue in Somesborough, the party decided to travel with Noriko to the northern lands of the Ascomanni where she hoped to raise an army to free her homeland from the grips of the Oni King Omshadru. The journey north led through the treacherous Hult Marshes, where a contact in Somesborough said a monastery laden with treasure was. He also warned of a powerful dragon, Krizzalthormush who reigned supreme in the marsh. Traveling to the monastery, the group encountered and soundly defeated several cultists of the demon god Grishtlenex who were using the ley lines the monastery sat upon to summon several vicious demons into the world.

Taking refuge in the abandoned monastery, the group soon discovered clues that the complex was built to secure and imprison a powerful creature. Plagued by unsettling dreams, the party abandoned the monastery and continued on their journey north. They were soon ambushed by Krizzalthormush and an epic battle was fought. The group was able to overcome their draconic adversary and where determined to continue their journey north.
However, this was not to pass as a vicious storm halted the party’s progress. Taking shelter in the monastery, Bjorn surmised that this was a sign from Asator that they had business to attend here.

Descending into the depths of the monastery, the party encountered and overcame a variety of twisted abominations that seemed to be imprisoned below. After encountering a vicious group of creatures known as psurlons, the party discovered the rotting remains of what appeared to be an adventuring party. Amongst their possessions they discovered a spell book that was heavily warded by powerful magics. As soon as Vladimir touched the book, the air spiraled with motes of arcane energy which coalesced in the incorporeal form a wizard who identified himself as Illios. He explained to the party that he and his companions had came to the monastery in search of treasure, only to be slain by the creatures that lurked within. Illios himself was struck down in the process of casting a spell, which somehow reacted curiously with the ambient arcane energy of this facility and transforming him into a sort of “arcane echo” bound to his old spellbook. He told the party that this information had been revealed to him several years ago by a powerful necromancer that was exploring the complex. He also revealed the nature of this monastery, stating it was created by the Brotherhood of Shem, a mysterious offshoot of the Church of Palas. However this underground complex was far older, and Illios could offer no insights to its origins.

Continuing their exploration of the underground chambers, the party came across several links of shattered chains suspended over a great pit. Inscribed on the walls was a mysterious language similar to Auran that doggedly resisted any attempts of magical interpretation. What they were able to decipher was “Slomesh of the Eleven, the Caller in the Darkness.”

With nothing left to explore in the facility, the party continued their northward travel taking the spellbook that contained Illios and other assorted treasures along with them. They were soon met by the lizardman Hrushsek, who commended them for their defeat of Krizzalthormush. He led the party to the beasts aquatic lair where they encountered several humanoid concubines of the dragon as well as his many half-dragon offspring. Opting to leave their fate in the hands of Hrushsek and his tribe, the party continued north across the watery expanses of the Hult Marshes atop the back of a massive dragon turtle, the Ssorthush.

Arriving at the borders of the Hult, the companions traveled on foot through the forests beyond. Shortly into their journey they were approached by a pair of pixies, Komui and Aiomi. The fae came on behalf of the dryad Lieomi who sought the aid of powerful warriors. The grove of Lieomi’s sister I’aime had come under attack by twisted, unnatural creatures and a powerful force was needed to liberate it. Joined by the mighty troll Katla, the party traveled to I’aime’s grove and encountered more psurlons like they had fought in the Shem Monastery. After vanquishing the vile abominations, the party soon found itself overwhelmed as the corrupted tree of I’aime spat forth a menace far greater than they could defeat: Slomesh, the caller in the darkness.

It seemed that the heroes would meet their end at the hands of Slomesh, but they found themselves saved by an unlikely ally. Versabian Pallast, the most powerful necromancer in the land drove off Slomesh and dispelled the vile magics the creature had placed up the group. The necromancer seemed to have prior knowledge of the forgotten origins of the party, though he was reluctant to reveal what he knew, citing a promise he had made in the past. He did impart one clue for the frustrated adventures: Aluman.

Traveling with Katla to a nearby troll village, the party was greeted as heroes for the role in the liberation of I’aime’s grove. Mathias even attracted the services of a troll ranger named Routa who became his cohort. After leaving the village the party traveled to the city of Camis, where they secured lodging for two weeks to spend their treasure, enjoy themselves, create magic items, and prepare for the next leg of their journey to get Noriko to the lands of the Ascomanni. And perhaps find out just what in all the hells Aluman means…



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