Jensen Healey

This imposing, steel-clad warrior passes by you in the streets, fixing you with a gaze that implies hidden depths and a deep, abiding patience......but you're probably just imagining that.


Physical Description

Standing at just over 6 feet and weighing in at a formidable 16 stone, Jensen Healey can be intimidating, to say the least. Far from gorgeous, the young man does possess symmetry in the classical sense, and carries his imposing bulk with ease. He wears his rust-colored hair short (the better to fit under an arming cap), and could stand to shave with a little more regularity. Massive callouses and weals riddle his hands, souvenirs from the nigh-endless martial drills he’s been through. While Jensen’s mannerisms and dialogue can can be….coarse at times, it is readily apparent that he possesses above average intelligence and wit, though it seems to be unpolished (to say the least).

Armoured in a breastplate that is rumored to hold arcane wardings, the warrior has managed to assemble an aesthetically pleasing harness, with elven vambraces, dwarven shoulder cops, and a fine skirt of riveted maille that falls over a set of stout cuisses and greaves. While less comprehensive than a set of full field plate, it has served him well. With a steel gauntlet on his right hand, fine sword at his belt, and massive steel-faced heater shield slung across his back on a guige, it is obvious that anyone looking to spill this warrior’s blood will have a tough time of it, and probably lose some in kind.

However, even the casual observer can see that the real threat lies in the polearm easily cradled in young Armsman Healey’s grip. A massive halberd, just under seven feet from spear point to buttspike, with a fine chopping blade and reverse point all forged from solid billet of steel. An octagonal length of the stoutest oak is affixed firmly into the blade’s mounting socket, with four thin strips of steel inlaid and firmly affixed to alternating faces of the shaft (all the better to deflect blows intended to sunder it).



-Excerpt from the diary of Fildrin-4 years ago That boy Jensen, never fails to simultaneously amaze and confound me. When I found him it was readily apparent that the boy lacked respect for the arcane arts, and tact to boot! “Those robes make you look like a woman, you old goat” were the first words directed at me. Fortunately for him, I possess a proclivity for pejorative insults as well, and suffered the comment to pass, else he would have been enflamed in arcane punishment, and reduced to a pile of drossy cinders! Young Master Healey proved himself an able construer and master of sums, but made no bones about his dissatisfaction with “faggoty learning and musty tomes”, as he so adroitly put it. Knowing when to abandon a line of inquiry is among my most admirable traits, and I realized there would be no forcing the boy into magic or the scholarly pursuits, as it went against his natural inclinations. However, I was quick to realize he was far from stupid! Blessed with slightly above average intelligence and an astounding sense of awareness, Jensen found ways to pressure young Vladimir and Mathias both into doing his assignments. I allowed it to continue, fully cognizant of the fact that his abrasive personality would cause the two to devise alternate methods of dealing with him (fisticuffs are beyond young Vlad forever, and Mathias does enjoy manipulation as an alternative to a boot in the posterior!). After Mathias spread a rumor among the village girls that Jensen was poxed, and Vlad reinforced it with a subtle herbal concoction that caused the boy’s nether regions to swell, he quickly gave them their due, and approached them with mannerisms of kindness and brotherhood, forevermore. As the young man’s size continued to grow, he developed an inclination for athletics and martial pursuits, as well as discovering an uncanny rapport with the stable’s occupants. Jensen became a first –class equestrian, pugilist, and cragsman! There wasn’t a horse he couldn’t conduct, a farm boy he couldn’t whip, or range he couldn’t scale. Additionally (and I am as of yet unsure of this newfound “talent”), Jensen is able to “persuade” those of weaker mind and moral character into seeing things his way, even if such realignments of disposition might cause bladders to let go. We shall see, oh we shall see……

¬end excerpt

Jensen Healey

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