Bjorn Storson

Steady as the prevailing wind, mighty as the raging storm, furious as the clash of thunder.


History- The gods show portents in mysterious ways, not always kindly. Bjorn’s father, a devout follower of Asator felt blessed when his young wife found herself with child. To his despair, the young woman was taken from her husband in a freak lightning storm, but her baby survived. The people saw it as a sign that the infant was destined to serve the lord of thunder and storm. Raised mainly by the priests of Asator, Bjorn was trained to be a healer and protector of his people, but he felt a calling from a different aspect of his god- the Roaming Storm. At the age of twenty, he bade his father and people farewell.

For two years, the son of wind and rain roamed Ascomani lands, acting as itinerant healer, sometime warrior, and collector of stories and languages. Some of Asator’s priests frowned on his interpretation of their god’s will, but most admired the young man’s wandering service of the Thunder Lord. After seeing all he could of his people’s country, Bjorn turned south into Andol lands.

Knowing he would not be welcome in the western theocracy, Bjorn skirted through the wilderness, spending some time in Camis. Wherever he went, he sought to uphold his role as protector and advisor, both among roaming Ascomani and the native Andol. Eventually, he turned further south, finally meeting several like-minded adventurers needing assistance in combating the evils of the land and in supervising dim-witted fighters…

Personality/Tactics- Bjorn exemplifies the Ascomani love of battle, women, drink, and song. His love of life is tempered by patience and wisdom beyond his years, but he has still been known to fly into a battle rage when defending the helpless, especially women or children. Less reliant on physical weapons than his divine powers, Bjorn prefers to open combat with lightning spells, later switching to healing and protecting his comrades.

Bjorn Storson

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