The Writings of Vladimir

After the mage Fildren was given a prestigious position at the mage’s academy, he gave his old tower to the small group of adventurers that he had been fostering there. As to be expected, Fildren took with him his library, leaving bare shelves and desks, a ghost of what the library once was. To Vladimir and Mathias Murdock this was the more epic of undertakings, to create their own great library. So far all that they have managed to place into the study is a magic orb key for opening a nearby tomb, and two books, one which neither Vladimir or Mathias could read, and the other a book of simple songs that Mathias owned. While Vladimir and Mathias work at acquiring more books to create a library, Vladimir has also come to the realization that he can write books to add to the collection, allowing all of the groups travels and adventures to become knowledge. After purchasing an obscene amount of books, journals and scribing equipment in the town of Somesborough Vladimir has begun his cataloging of everything that he sees.
The journals of Vladimir

On Undead

On Magic Creatures

On Magic

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On Fey

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Tales of Mathais Murdock, Skald of the Ascomani

Free City of Camis

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The Writings of Vladimir

The Forgotten Five Falchen